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Godfather's BBQ LLC (GBBQ) is a food service company providing barbecue, grilled meats and side dishes with unmatched flavor to the Atlanta Metro and North Georgia areas. GBBQ also prepares specialized meats upon request, including lamb, select beef and savory fried turkey. 


The GBBQ mission is to provide such novel barbecue and dishes that they become the benchmark for the barbecue/grilling industry. Unique marinades, exotic spices, and detailed preparation combines with rich family traditions and broad knowledge of ethnic foods to create feel-good food for customers, unmatched by traditional barbecue. 


At the present time, GBBQ operates through special events and fundraisers with on-sight food preparation. There are currently less than five employees of GBBQ.

Godfather's BBQ

GBBQ officially began operations from Loganville, Georgia in June 2011. Godfather’s BBQ came into existence from persistent family support and community encouragement. Trent utilizes decades of barbecue knowledge passed on from family tradition.  


Trent has combined cooking methods from Northern Illinois, Arkansas, and Barbados to create tastes in meats that create smiles in every bite.


Michelle comes from a long family line of cooking specialties originating from South Carolina. Additional influences from Africa, India, and Italy, Michelle creates side dishes, deserts, and sauces that complement the meats.


GBBQ is a family business with family values committed to making our customers happy.

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